About Bound Tree Medical Strategic Response Division

Bound Tree Medical is a distributor of emergency medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals for fire departments, military, government institutions and other emergency medical services (EMS) organizations that provide pre-hospital, emergency care. The Bound Tree Medical Strategic Response Division is focused on addressing the specialized needs of the Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Law Enforcement, Tactical EMS and other government institutions.

Our Strategic Response Division is comprised of a team of experienced account managers who understand the demands of pre-hospital care in austere environments. We work with leading emergency medical equipment manufacturers to develop and provide thousands of quality products, from everyday disposable items to cutting-edge, clinical solutions. In addition to a superior product offering, Bound Tree Medical has multiple distribution centers across the United States to help ensure accurate and timely shipments to a large base of customers.

Bound Tree Medical is a subsidiary of Sarnova, Inc., a leading specialty provider of healthcare products across the EMS and acute care continuum. Sarnova offers more than 100,000 healthcare products to thousands of emergency care providers, hospitals and advanced patient-care facilities nationwide. Sarnova is a privately-held, American company.

Strategic Response Division Customers

Bound Tree Medical's Strategic Response Division specializes in working with branches of the government, such as:

  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Federal Law Enforcement / Agencies
  • Other Government Institutions
  • Law Enforcement
  • Tactical EMS

Associations and Accreditations